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UBG 401(k) Plan

​​​​​United Benefits Group developed the UBG 401(k) Plan to provide agriculture cooperatives and related companies a fully featured 401(k) solution with very competitive pricing.  UBG is a not-for-profit corporation that keeps administration and investment fees low, and focuses on the cooperatives and related companies we serve. Joining together the cooperative system through the Co-op Retirement Plan and the UBG 401(k) Plan provides economies of scale that allow United Benefits Group to offer your company a fully featured retirement program at a low cost.

​The UBG 401(k) Plan is a great plan for any company, but if your company already participates in the Co-op Retirement Plan (a defined benefit plan), the the UBG 401(k) Plan is the perfect 401(k) solution for your employees. The UBG 401(k) Plan was built from the ground-up to supplement a co-op employee’s retirement income from the Co-op Retirement Plan. A UBG 401(k) plan offers employees a pre-tax savings tool that helps to offset future retirement expenses such as healthcare, serves as a hedge against inflation, provides funds to visit family, or maybe just allows you to do what you want in retirement. The UBG 401(k) offers both traditional and Roth contribution options, as well as the following benefits:  ​​

  • Submit payroll data and employer/employee contributions together using the Employer Website

  • Employee Access to both plans on the same ​website

  • An enhanced, Total Retirement Calculator customized to each participant

  • A fresh approach to investing

  • Education by people who understand the proper relationship between a defined benefit pension plan and a 401(k) plan

  • Highest level of fiduciary protection available

  • Very Competitive administration and investment fees - Fees often the same or less than other plans

For more information and a free comparison to your current plan, please contact our office at 1-800-816-5535 or click on the following link to request more information about the UBG 401(K) Plan via ​email.​

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